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The culinary world in Arizona is about to experience a delicious transformation as Chef Viola and Federico Venturini, who moved to the US from Italy in 2018, are gearing up to unveil their latest masterpiece, Pizzicata Mesa, on November 6, 2023.

With a journey that began in Italy and continued to flourish in the United States, the Venturini duo has achieved impressive accolades and triumphs with their previous two restaurants. Now, they are expanding their culinary empire with the launch of Pizzicata Mesa. Pizzicata Mesa promises to be a haven for food enthusiasts, offering a delectable array of authentic Italian dishes. The star attractions include Napoli-style pizza, a specialty known for its perfect blend of crispy and chewy crust, and their renowned Roman Pinsa, a type of pizza that's taken the local culinary world by storm.

This venture is not just about great food coupled with the perfect ambiance; it's also about the convergence of talent. Head Chef Viola, the driving force behind their culinary success, is joined by Italian Chef Matteo, who made a name for himself in the bustling food scene of NYC after moving to the US. Matteo brings his expertise in Napoli pizza, making Pizzicata Mesa the go-to place for an authentic Italian pizza experience. Pizzicata Mesa is more than just a restaurant; it's a masterpiece of design Nestled on picturesque Painted Mountain Golf Course, the restaurant exudes beauty and charm. Italian murals grace the walls, transporting diners to the heart of Italy. At the center of it all is a magnificent wood fire pizza oven, imported directly from Italy. This oven not only serves as a focal point but also boasts a bar with 20 seats surrounding it, creating a unique dining experience for guests. In addition, Pizzicata Mesa is proud to be the sister restaurant of Pizzicata Carefree, which recently achieved the esteemed status of being the 5th restaurant in the USA to be officially certified as an authentic Italian Pinsaria. This certification is a testament to the authenticity and excellence that the Venturini family brings to the culinary world. About Pizzicata Mesa: Pizzicata Mesa is an authentic Italian restaurant founded by Chefs Viola and Federico Venturini, offering Napoli-style pizza, Roman Pinsa, and a culinary experience that transports guests to Italy. Located in Mesa, Arizona, this restaurant is a culinary gem on the Painted Mountain Golf Course. Pizzicata Mesa's commitment to excellence and authenticity in Italian cuisine is second to none.